Read Why USB Type C Shouldn’t Replace Lightning Cable


UGREEN is doing some fun and beneficiary activities for the people along with the company’s advertising where they will share their own experiences and more and more people can get the benefit from using the company’s high-quality UGREEN products. The company is well-known for its USB cables especially Type-C. Which is why, the global market has tied up with Ugreen to trade and do business with it.

As the reader will read more article they get to know about the reason behind choosing Ugreen Type C cable over lightning cable. Moreover, the blog will provide all the information about why one should prefer it to the lightning cables.

Read More Why USB Type C Shouldn’t Replace Lightning

Under this segment, the reader will get to know why anyone should prefer the lightning cables over the type-c one. Nowadays the type-c cables are coming up with several innovations and upgrades but still, they can’t win against its advanced management. Despite lightning being superior to type-c under certain circumstances, people still prefer USB Type C. However, it’s a matter of choice for gadget makers to prefer lightning over type-c USB and vice versa based on their project plans.

1. Lightning Is Compact Than USB Type-C

The lightning cables are much more compact. However, this feature of lightning cable is more likely to break easily because of its thinner size.

2. Switching To Type-C Would Make Lightning Cables Useless

People who are currently using the lightning cables will have to discard them if they switch over the type-c. However, this process of choosing one upgraded product over another can cause a huge expense.

On the other hand, the preference for products also affects the market pricing of the commodities causing a loss in business.

3. Will Demand Massive Design Changes To Products Using Lightning

If a company tries to switch to lightning cables in the place of Type C cables then this will demand a huge alternation of the product. However, to proceed with lightning cables, the company has to alter the product’s entire design. Hence, this will cause extra expenses for the company. On the other hand, if talking about Type C cable, any design alteration and extra is not included. Type C is one of such kind which refurbishes its edition by boosting the extra technological structures without any alterations in the design of any commodity. Nonetheless, it is quite obvious they will try to reclaim their expenses from the buyers, but if the demand for the product drops the company has to face a great loss.

4. Current Lightning Inventory Would Cause Loss

The above paragraph depicts the design alteration of the product due to the lightning cable. However, if the buyers don’t appreciate this alteration, the inventory will cost billions both for the company and the retailers.


Ugreen is one of such companies that has invested in both Type C cables and lightning cables. However, the customers can very well understand that they are not the only ones who have come forward with such a cable. Moreover, the Type C cable improvements depict the future scenario of the technology world.

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